Pricing Policies

While other companies seem to charge an arm and a leg for transportation services, Saginaw Limo is known for upholding affordable limousine options for rental services in the metro Detroit area. Although limousines and limo buses are known for being expensive ways to travel, we've made our vehicles affordable by giving you a bit of our savings. Our reputation as an affordable transportation service allows our customer base to grow on a daily basis! Unlike other companies who charge outrageous rates and hit you with hidden charges when you least expect them, Saginaw Limo will never charge you with fuel charges or required gratuity. You'll know exactly where your money is going when you rent with Saginaw Limo, and that's a beautiful thing!

So, do you want a quote?

Let us know where you plan on going. Certain areas that go outside of our service range may cost more or less!

When will you need service? Weekends, holidays, and late spring until early summer carry higher rates.

How many passengers will you have? This allows us to ascertain what size bus you'll need.

What event are you planning? There may be a package to reduce the costs associated with your service!

Here at Saginaw Limo, we do all we can to make the good times roll. That's why we work hard to bring you competitive pricing on limousines and limo buses in Saginaw. You work hard for your money each and every day, and here at Saginaw Limo, we understand that. We want to bring you a transportation service that goes beyond all of your hopes and dreams so you can create memories with all of your friends in the most carefree way possible.

Call one of our booking agents as soon as possible to get a better idea of what your rate will look like. Be sure to have the information shown above for a more efficient booking process!



  • Visit as many places as you want
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  • Affordable quotes
  • Accurate pricing
  • Obligation
  • Hidden fees
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